Black Panther Star Danai Gurira is the New Face of Reebok

Photo: Reebok

Danai Gurira gets it—as the star of an incredibly popular cable TV show and some of the biggest movies of the year, she’s no stranger to full, demanding days. Gurira is also the newest addition to the Reebok family, empowering women to fight to be their best physically, mentally, and socially, every day.

“Danai brings with her a unique intensity that’s already inspired countless women to discover their own strength,” said Todd Krinsky, GM of Reebok Performance in an official statement. “We’re thrilled to have her join our family and help lead this inspiring coalition.”

For Reebok, Gurira will apply her activism towards championing the beneficial relationship between physical and mental strength.

“We all view strength differently: through physicality, through mental fortitude, through honesty and perhaps most importantly through community,” says Gurira in an official statement. “My goal is to work with Reebok to galvanize women in all communities to find strength within themselves so that we may continue to lead this cultural revolution. Each one of us should be hero to each other.”

Maria Bobila

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