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Fall is a lovely season, but it doesn’t last very long. Once leaves start to fall, the temperature falls too. Cooler days are creeping up on us and your favorite leather jacket won’t keep you warm for much longer. Put down the bomber jackets, ladies. It’s time to start searching for your winter companion. You must find the one that will wrap you up and keep you warm. Find the one that makes you feel safe in a snow storm. Find the one that shields you from the rain. Find the one that will last forever…or at least a few years. It’s time to find your perfect Winter coat.

Cropped or long? Bright or neutral? Fur or faux? Casual or glamorous? No matter your preference, this guide is for you!  We’re reviewing Winter’s biggest classics, trends, and tips. Right here. Right now. There's a wide wonderful world of winter coats out there, so let's dive in.


Fur coats have been a winter staple for centuries. Animal pelts and furs were originally worn for protection and to display wealth. Many years later, these controversial coats are still sought after for their warmth, durability, and overall fabulous aesthetic. Over the years, the fur category has advanced to include fur in various colors, prints, and patterns. There’s also a faux fur option so animal lovers can share in all the fabulousness of this category.  


Military coats were featured on runways in navy, black, and shades of khaki. Slip into these coats for a sophisticated and structured look. Gold accents, bold hardware, and contrasting piping add some interest to a typically minimalist design. Military coats range from cropped to full length and everything in between.


Loved for their double breasted design, pea coats and trench coats have proved their staying power with a strong reemergence every year. With a variety of lengths and colors, these coats have become a Winter favorite. They’re formal enough for work, but can still be paired with jeans. Invest in one of these and you’ll be on trend every year.


While designers have been having more fun with them lately, Puffer coats have been a staple for a while. Whether you’re braving harsh winds, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, this quilted coat will give you a fortress of warmth and protection. The casual design limits its use, but it is still great for everyday wear.  



Parkas are ideal for comfort and casual day to day wear. Well equipped with ample lining and down, Parkas keep you warm without excessive bulk. Matte finishes, fur lined hoods, and dark colors are typical features.



Most mornings it’s hard to leave the coziness of our blankets. Leave my bed? Go out in the cold? Ugh. Luckily, throwing on a Wrap Coat duplicates the morning comfort that’s so hard to leave behind. Comfort meets glamour with this Winter design.  Silhouettes are loose, yet slim fitting. Belts accentuate the waistline to ensure a feminine look.  



Winter wear typically features darker colors, but designers have been adding noticeably brighter options this year. Sport an unexpected hue this Winter to brighten up your day and your wardrobe! These coats make a statement; it’ll be easy for you to stand out in a sea of dark tones.


Oversized coats have become increasing popular over the years, but the roomy design is really having a moment this year. These undefined silhouettes offer serious comfort that rivals the restrictions of form fitting options. This menswear inspired look has never been more feminine. Oversized coats come in a rainbow of colors. Camel is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors this year thanks to the endorsement of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen.





photo by Bing Bang NYC

Don’t be cheap
Cheap coats are tempting, but they’re usually not durable or warm. When it’s 30 degrees outside, that $30 coat will fail you. Step away from the rack. Don’t buy it. I repeat, don’t buy it.

Splurge a little
Don't be afraid to spend money. Coats are investments. If it's warm and well made, it’s okay to splurge a little. A good coat will last you many years. 

Classics > Trends

When spending large amounts of money, don't invest in a fleeting trend. You'll pull that coat out of the closet next year and wonder what you ever saw in it. Only splurge on classic pieces. Even if you decide not to wear it next year, that classic coat will still be wearable and you can sell it!

Get Thrifty
Don’t underestimate thrift stores! Do a serious search through second hand stores like Goodwill or Plato’s Closet before you check department stores. You’ll find amazing coats for unbelievable prices. I scored a Talbots toggle coat for just $20 at Goodwill. A coat from Talbots usually starts around $200, so I couldn’t have gotten a better deal.  

Color Conscious
Yes, that cream pea coat is fabulous! But let’s be realistic. Unless you visit the cleaners frequently, you’ll want to avoid light colors. That cream pea coat won't look as chic with coffee stains.

Be Basic
You don’t necessarily need an elaborately designed coat to look fashionable. Let your simple coat be the canvas for a bold scarf or dramatic hat. Use additional winter accessories to spice up your look.


  1. $100 Uniqlo  2.$95 TopShop  3.$130 Yoox 4.  $150 on sale Century 21 5.$147 Backpacking United 6.$140 Pennyblack (via Lyst) 7. $130  Ellos 8.$130 Lands End 9. $133 Only (via Lyst)  10. $150 Uniqlo

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