Knitwear Designer Paula Hian Launches Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Fashion designer Paula Hian has launched her Fall/Winter 2016 Knitwear Collection, which she describes as  "graphic, bold and textured; either toned down in tailored form or jazzed up for more dramatic fashion." The Collection, manufactured exclusively in France, is knitted in viscose-Lycra Italian yarns.

Ms. Hian's design philosophy is one in which "color, shape and texture can be combined with modern style in a timeless way." A proponent of looking put-together at all times, she wears her own designs and finds a kinship with women who similarly are strong, independent-minded and have their own sense of style."

For Fall/Winter 2016, her knit tweeds and abstract plaids are intended to look crisp and soft at the same time "to reflect the feminine/menswear vibe I am looking to portray."

Hian has developed cutting edge knitwear materials that resemble wovens to complement her designs. "I created the embroidered soutache material for the killer boardroom Patricia /Renee Suit- either in black/black or navy/black.  And I dreamed up a lightweight herringbone to mix with double faced jacquard plaid to pleat into the Emily dress or combine with solid double faced black sleeves to create the Maryse jacket. This herringbone tweed looks staid in black and white, and then heats up when knitted in electric blue and juxtaposed against the black blocks of color."

The colors run the spectrum from black and navy to azure blue, poppy and electric blue into tonal greys.   "I see these colors and the mixtures of them as 'Paula neutrals'... to cleanse the palate. I am not a beige person- ever.  Rarely pastels. These colors feel Fall 16 to me rather than the browns and more traditional autumn-looking shades. The touches of grey I feel gives it the fall edge, and adding white for highlights."

Ms. Hian frequently travels to Paris, where she oversees the manufacturing of her designs.  She also designs custom pieces for select celebrity (and ultra) clients.  The Paula Hian Collection is presently available online at and select specialty stores.

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