Diary of a Carefree Black Girl

photography by De Lisa Carol models (l t r: Ria @sangriaaa_, Lashira @lashiramone, Kenya @trulythankful


"Carefree Black Girl"


Questions of why we’re always laughing so loud

Or how we continually stick out in the crowd

Never faze us

We just smile and shrug

Or hit a mean mug

We don’t let them unnerve us

Comments about our “crazy" hair

Wavy, kinky, curly, swirly

Why it sticks up, out, and over there

We just grin from ear to ear

And shake our extraordinary tresses

photography by De LIsa Carol
model: Ria @sangriaaa_


model: Lashira @lashiramone

Judgments placed on our ebony skin

They act as if they can’t see the shine from within

Telling us we better not get any darker

We just beam as we sit under the sun even longer

While our skin illuminates and gets even bronzer


As we walk about

Chins up expressions proud

They can’t help but stop and stare at

The carefree black girls


Poem by @ayannah17 on powerpoetry.org




on Ria:

Velvet Bodycon Dress from A Day N June

Necklace: Forever21

Burgundy Fringe Bralette: Missguided

Tribal Print Dress (styled as a skirt): A Day N June'

Choker: Sent from Rocksbox


On Lashira:

Seagreen slip dress: Keeper's Vintage

Choker & Necklace: Forever21

Lace Eyelet White Shirtdress: Keeper's Vintage

White Lace Bloomers: Keeper's Vintage 


On Kenya:

Copper Metallic Thigh-high Double Split Dress: A Day N June

Shirt: A Day N June

Vintage Brown Belt with Stone and Gold detailing: Keeper's Vintage




Bracelet cuffs on everyone: Keeper's Vintage

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