Hobby Lobby Photoshoot Goes Viral

Creativity was taken to new heights by Cincinnati photographer, Adam Delane, when he decided to do a photoshoot inside Hobby Lobby. Yup, the craft store we all know and love. And let me tell you, the results were ah-mazing. We caught up with him to see just how he was able to pull this thing off and where in the world did he get this crazy/creative/out-of-the-box idea. 

The Stylette: Who came up with the concept and what inspired you to do the shoot at Hobby Lobby? 

Adam Delane: I give my loyal followers and my friend Ask Ashlee (Advice columnist) the credit. They always push me to do more and be creative. They tagged me to a funny meme that said: “Instagram VS Snapchat” which looked to be taken in Hobby Lobby. One photo looking rough and behind the scenes of a shoot and the other, a close-cropped image, clean and neat. They told me that I needed to do a shoot like that but in my style---which is more “over the top” editing. 

TS: What was your game plan for executing the shoot?

AD: To do two models at a time so that we didn’t look suspicious. I did two different stores, two different sets of models on two different days. We started with the quick shots first. The model walking past the roses, the model’s face close to flowers, etc. and then the big shot was last. The big shot was taking a room privacy divider, putting vines and flowers all down it and then have the model sit in front of it. That way if we got caught and kicked out, we at least got some other good shots.

I wanted the final edits to look as if the photos were taken outside in a flower garden at sunset, hence the golden rays in most of the images. 

TS: A lot of people in the comments were like "how the hell did they get away with this?" Did any of the employees give you any issues while you guys were shooting?

AD: Surprisingly they did not. A few walked past and didn’t say anything at all. With each pass of an employee, we knew that that one was going to be the one to tell on us and get us kicked out. But they didn’t. We were in the store for roughly 40mins without any trouble. 

TS: The photos have almost 60k reactions and over 280k shares on Facebook, were you expecting such a response when you initially posted the photos?

AD: I told the models the night we shot the images, “These are going to go viral.” But I didn’t know they were going to go that viral. I’ve gone viral quite a few times before with funny videos (100k views) and funny pictures (200+shares) but over a quarter of a million shares in 15hrs was BANANAS. The news talking about my photos, blogs going crazy, people from all over the world, literally, sharing my work... It was very humbling.

TS: Would you do it again? Do you have any other unconventional shoot locations in mind for your next project? 

AD: No, I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve never shot in the same location twice.  Doing the same thing, everyone having the same background, that’s boring to me. 

My next location I’m going to leave up to my Facebook friends to decide, I’ll ask them what they think my next location should be and they’ll give me so much input. I’ve done a ‘Parking Garage’ Series and a ‘Rooftop’ Series in the past, so doing outside the box locations is something that I really enjoy doing. 


Photographer: Adam Delane IG: @OfficialAdamDelane Twitter: @AdamDelane

Models: Follow them on IG! 





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