17-Day #SoStylette Style Challenge

We're kicking off the new year with another style challenge. Put it in your calendar, because this oneĀ is #stylegoals. Don't be scared, girl. Check in with us on Instagram and use the hashtag #sostylettechallenge17 to be featured on our page!

Day 1:

Wear a little sparkle.

Day 2:

Swap heels for sneakers.

Day 3:

Belt your outerwear.

Day 4:

Show us the "art of layering"

Day 5:

Wear an all-denim look.

Day 6:

Give a feminine dress some edge.

Day 7:

Wear gloves & give it an extra oomph.

Day 8:

Winterize your favorite summer piece.

Day 9:

Go crazy with accessories!

Day 10:

Wear a scarf in an unconventional way.

Day 11:

Wear a dress with pants.

Day 12:

Spruce up your hairstyle.

Day 13:

Attempt a new beauty trend.

Day 14:

Dress down an evening dress.

Day 15:

Try the long-over-short trend.

Day 16:

Dress up your favorite graphic tee!

Day 17:

Put on an outfit that best shows off your personal style.

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