Meet Stylette Brittany Wight

Curated by Tori B.

I had the chance to sit down with the boss babe behind Wight Tea Company and the Society of Excellent Women to learn about her inspiration for her personal style and her thoughts about the ever-changing fashion industry in 2017. 

Name: Brittany Wight

Hometown/ Currently Residing: Baltimore born-and-raised

Age: 30

Current Title/Company: Proprietor/Wight Tea Company

Education: Bachelors in Graphic Design from UMBC


On Brittany: 

Dress & mock turtleneck -> American Apparel (btw, AA is closing and there's a MAJOR sale going on right now)

Collar-> Beast leather

Hat -> Keeper's Vintage in Baltimore

Boots -> Jeffrey Campbell


Describe your  style in 3 words: 

Punk Rock Lite

What are some things you believe the fashion industry could improve on?

Most certainly there are glaring major problems that I wish the fashion industry would improve upon, like worker rights, wages, environment, and treatment; and the waste that fast fashion creates. I'm tired of seeing large brands rip off of smaller artists. And lastly, I don't get why trends come and go so quickly but mustaches and bacon shit just. wont. die.

Do you believe there is enough diversity in the fashion media? How could it be better?

I definitely struggle with finding a diverse look at fashion in the media. I am trying to make sure I seek out and follow a diverse set of women sharing their style because I've noticed that everything I was seeing was sort of just becoming the same. It gets boring and it's not very inspiring.

What do you think about the evolution of street style?
I honestly used to love the street style but recently I feel like it's gotten very curated and has sort of changed meaning. I loved looking through Fruits and NY Street Fashion zines and blogs in the early aughts because it was mash up of people doing something unique to themselves. Now I feel like street style has just become athleisure. I love looking at afropunk - it's weird and loud and diverse and it's like an oasis in the middle of a neutrals dessert.

What impact has style and fashion made in your life?

Style has impacted my life because it makes going out in the world an event. It inspires me to talk with others about what they are wearing and to break the ice. It empowers me if I feel like I look good. It influences my moods, it helps me have fun. If I like my outfit, I'm gonna have a good day.
Do you remember when you got your first pair of heels?
Hmm probably for prom, they were awful. But in college my roommate and I would practice wearing real everyday heels while we cooked, cleaned, and just hung out because we wanted to get used to them.

Have you ever been criticized about your style ? How do you handle situations like that?

I have but nothing glaringly critical. I still get teased about this neon orange spandex dress I got from some random store in the mall. I wore it was grey leggings and neon pink heels. I thought I looked SO great (forgive me, this was like 2005). Also, when I tried to rock boxing shoes. Also in the early days of Facebook, someone made a whole fan page about me when I wore UFO pants. But I like experimenting, so what! I laugh about it, I go along with it. Whatever.
Who are your top three favorite designers/brands?
This is a tough question for me because I'm so all over the board with what I like and I've never been good about following or being familiar with specific designers. Right now I've been obsessing over the past couple Gucci seasons. Other than that, I really don't know.
Tell us your favorite shopping spots in Baltimore and one reason why you love them!
I love shopping at Bear Fox Babe (currently in Ellicott City but I found BFB at a pop-up in Baltimore) because Macy always has something different for a great price.

photo by bear fox babe, check them out!

What's one "fashion rule" your proud of breaking?
I'm proud of mixing browns, blacks, and navys.
Tell us about a time you had a #fashionfail.
The decision to wear boxing tennis shoes was...the worst idea ever.
What is one piece every woman should have in her closet?
A pair of cool shoes.
What is one piece in your closet that you can't live without?
Black Pants
Best vintage/thrifted piece you ever scored?
I wasn't the initial person that scored this, but I inherited it when my roommate was done with it, and she got it from Goodwill - a boys' white and black heathered suit blazer. I get compliments every time I wear it.
What are your 2017 style goals?
I feel like ever since I've exited the retail world I've had less interaction with fashion and with my new business I've been so 2017 I want to get back on the style track and start adding statement clothing back into my wardrobe.
 Lightening Round: 
Favorite TV  Show: Seinfeld
First Job: Spa Assistant
Last movie you watched: Rogue One
Favorite season: Summer
Hidden talent: I can do tricks on roller skates.
Country you've always wanted to visit: France
Favorite Food: Popcorn
Favorite Cocktail: Dirty Shirley
Beauty fav: Kylie's lip kit
Fav 90s jam: I Could Never Be Your Woman by White Town
photography by Jazma Robinson @jsabree shot inside & outside the beautiful Dovecote Cafe, thanks Alicia for allowing us to use the shop :)!


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