Meet Jamé Jackson: The Woman Behind The Blonde Misfit

We’re always on the prowl for powerful, inspirational, trendsetters and to kick off this year’s Stylette of the Day series is Jamé Jackson of The Blonde Misfit!  Jamé is an award-winning journalist, beauty and fashion columnist and public speaker living it up in New York City. This babe is passionate about advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the fashion, beauty, and media industries, Jamé uses her editorial voice to speak on life, career, and motivational tools for the next generation. We caught up with the media-mogul-on-the-rise to see what’s on her mind for 2018!

1. Who and what are your biggest influences when it comes to your personal style?

 My personal style has always been influenced by my environment and what inspires me. I have a background in the performing and creative arts, so I love going to things such as art exhibits, museums, and spoken word cafés. Those always inspire my style because it’s all forms of shapes, colors, and techniques, and when you open your mind to it, art can really shape and permeate through your personal style. While I don’t have one name for it, I would definitely say my personal style is also influenced by intuition and comfortability. If I put it on and I feel like a million bucks, I’m wearing it. I can tackle the world when I feel comfortable, and I love to see other people who are unapologetic in their styling choices, like Solange Knowles, Kahlana Barfield-Brown, Rihanna, and more.


Unfortunately bedridden after #NYFW (any natural remedies, I’ll welcome them!) but I do have one final thought for anyone out there: if you know you’re meant to be somewhere, God will make way for you. I hit shows, covered street style, shot video, interviewed up and coming and established designers, rubbed swollen feet after walking home at 3 am, sat front row and worked my ASS off and I enjoyed every single second of it for TBM. I say this to say, if you work hard, doors will open. Opportunities will come and God will make things happen where man could not or WOULD not. I know we can get caught up in making the hustle look glamorous, but luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. Do the work. It pays off in the end, and I can’t wait to share what’s next for TheBlondeMisfit. Happy whatever-day-of-the-week-it-is. ❤️ #theblondemisfit #nyfw2017 • • • #blackgirlswhoblog #fashionwriter #blkcreatives #blackgirls #blackgirlsrock #howardalumni #blackgirlblog #stripdress #fashioninfluencement #weenacademy2017 #beautyblogger #zaradress #zarastyle #entrepreneurship #myblackisbeautiful #blkbeauty #makeupforblackwomen #makeupformelaningirls

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2. Where are your favorites places to shop on and offline?

 Online, I love to check out Zara, Missguided, and ASOS. Urban Outfitters and American Eagle make jeans that make me look and feel great. Also, I really have found some gems on Amazon! Offline, I’m a serious thrifter. I would say probably 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted or vintage.

3. Three most favorite things in your closet?

 1) I have this green Tomboy peacoat that I throw on all the time whenever I want to add a statement coat. I used to always wear black coats, having a pop of color makes all the difference! 2) My white boots, thank you for keeping the fire alive Elaine Welteroth! 3) My Gucci belt. It’s a simple piece that can really elevate any outfit quickly. I love pairing it with an all-black look and instantly feel elevated.

4. Describe your style in 5 words or less?

 Free. Bohemian. Colorful. 


5. What is your power word for 2018?


6. What trends are you looking forward to trying this year?

 Honestly, I’m not super big on trends, but I do love to pull from the runway and make it applicable to my closet. If I see something, and I think it’ll work on my body, I’m totally on board. However, I try putting just a few things that are trendy in my closet, and that being the focal point of building my outfits. I’m still enjoying off the shoulder looks, bold reds and purples, fringe and metallics!


I have lost count how many emails, messages, texts, and random DMs I have received from young women and men who are thankful that a woman who looks like me could represent them for @allure x @covergirl. While we await the results, I promise for as long as I can, I will continue to fight for you. Love you. Champion and celebrate you. I will tell your stories, I will show the world why you are beautiful. #theblondemisfit • • • #jordwatch #woodwatch #jordwatches #watches #giveaway #ootd #nycinfluencer #dcinfluencer #blackbloggers #latinainfluencer #latinabeauty #dreadlocks #allure #covergirl #fashiongirl #watchesofinstagram #mensstyle #styleblog #zarastyle #thriftstorefinds #jordfrankie #jordf35 #jordreece #luxurystyle #accessoriesoftheday #loclivin #blkcreatives #blkgirls #emeraldgreen

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7. 3 books are on your 2018 reading list?

 I re-read ‘48 Laws of Power’ every year. It’s a book that has too much to soak in just one time around. Also “Don’t Settle for Safe” by Sarah Jakes Roberts and “This Will Be My Undoing” by Morgan Jenkins.

8. Favorite song rn?

9. What trend are you leaving in 2017 and never looking back on?

 If we’re talking fashion, I’m pretty tired of the sheer dress and obnoxious Elizabethian-style sleeves. If we’re talking lifestyle, the trend of people minimizing and downsizing their greatness for the comfort of others.

10. What movie are you excited to see this year?

 Black Panther. Point, blank period. Also The Post with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. And the final installment of Insidious. I am the only one amongst my friends who loves and prefers scary movies, so I always love when a new one comes out.


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