Meet the Badass Psychic Babe, Tynia Johnson-Anderson.

After our chat with Brittany Wight at the Dovecote Cafe in Baltimore, we caught up with psychic medium and master manifestor, Tynia Johnson-Anderson, to learn more about her glam personal style.

Name: Ty Johnson-Anderson
Hometown?Currently Living?: Annapolis MD residing in Edgewood MD
Age: 34
Current Title/ Company: Psychic Medium & Master Manifestor of
Education: Masters in Cyber Security
Describe your style in 3 words: Glamorous, chic, overstated
What are some things you believe the fashion industry could improve on? Being more inclusive of profiles outside the norm. Everyone is beginning to look alike.
What do you think about the evolution of street style? I personally love it. I love to see people owning their uniqueness. The quirks that make us different.

What impact has style and fashion made in your life?Style has always allowed me to express where I am in my evolution. Whether it was sports bra and sagging pants a’la Aaliyah or an over-the-top ball gown; I’m here for it. Also it serves as a segway in conversations and meeting new people. It’s your calling card.
Do you remember when you got your first pair of heels? 13
Have you ever been criticized about your style ? How do you handle situations like that? I have. I also did me. I wore studded chokers and trench shirts etc. Never did it bother me. My tastes have evolved and refined over the years as I’ve come into myself.
Who are your top three favorite designers/brands? I don’t really follow labels. I’m an “if it’s cute I’ll rock it” type of girl. Anything goes. No sequin left behind.
Tell us your favorite shopping spots in Baltimore and one reason why you love them! There are a few stores in Security Square mall I go to when I’m dire need of an outfit. A store I’ve been dying to go to is Katwalk Boutique in Fells Point. I follow her IG and her stuff is high glam and gorgeous.
What’s one “fashion rule” your proud of breaking? Being overstated and “gaudy”. Gaudy is good.

Tell us about a time you had a #fashionfail: I wore a dress to a conference and didn’t know ahead of time it would be warm inside. My dress had massive boob sweat and I just has to roll with it. It was horrible.
What is one piece every woman should have in her closet? A classic D’orsay nude or black pump
What is one piece in your closet that you can’t live without? My classic black suede pumps. Can be worn with jeans or a chic dress. Very versatile
Best vintage/thrifted piece you ever scored? Some costume jewelry. I’m a costume jewelry fanatic.
What are your 2017 style goals? To be more me, overstated and glamorous, uplevelEd. I want to bring design into my home. That’s the ultimate plan.



Favorite TV Show: Golden Girls & Sanford.

First Job: McDonald’s. I used to clean the balls in the playroom, haha.

Last movie you watched: Sing!

Favorite Season: Spring & Fall.

Hidden talent: Psychic abilities

Country you’ve always wanted to visit: France.

Favorite food: candy & mac and cheese (not together of, course)

Favorite Cocktail: Pineapple Bacardi

Beauty Fav: Black soap

Favorite 90s jam: This is more late 80s but …Gerald Levert’s Casanova & World Class Wrecking Crew’s Turn Off the Lights


Black midi dress, Blush pink faux fur stole, and Black classic vegan suede by Amazon Fashion

Her clutch is handmade!


photography by Jazma Robinson and thanks again to the Dovecote Cafe for letting use the cafe as our location for this shoot!

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