Come Out & Party with Society of Excellent Women this Saturday!

From a cloudy day brainstorm, the Society of Excellent Women was formed. One of the tricky parts of being an adult (and whoa, there are many) is making new friends. How often are you out when you recognize someone – that girl with the cute dog you follow on Instagram – or just admire someone – like that girl with the awesome hair color and killer shoes? You want to say something, but you don’t because hey, meeting new people can be mega intimidating. We’re with you! We started the Society of Excellent Women as a way to bring awesome ladies together to forge new friendships. This isn’t about networking, increasing your likes or promoting yourself – it’s about getting to know all the awesome women in our community, and beyond!

Excellent Women…Let’s Dance!! The Society of Excellent Women is All About Making New Friends & Sharing Fun Experiences! Honestly, What’s Better Than a Saturday Night Dance Party After a Long Week?!?! TSOEW is teaming Up with Emo Nite Baltimore to play your favorite girl power jams— all night long...80’s to Today! Bring your requests & your BFFs & let’s party!

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