Healing From Postpartum Depression

Healing from postpartum depression is not as easy as taking one pill unfortunately. Healing begins with loving yourself enough to get help. You can try a combination of medical interventions, lifestyle changes or holistic treatments to help you feel better. Here are a few things that you can easily implement today to start improving your mental health:

Find your tribe

It is hard to go through something like this alone. You need to have a support person to be there for you.This is easier said than done for moms who don’t live near family and friends or find it hard to make friends. I guarantee there are other moms out there who are in the same boat.

Many local hospitals or community centers offer support groups for new moms. Joining a support group will give you the opportunity to hear other women’s stories and share your own without judgement. Sometimes it helps just to vent your feelings. Check the websites of facilities near you for schedules and contact information.

Get out of the house

A change of scenery can help improve your mood. Bundle up your baby and go for a ride. Visit the library, walk around the mall, visit the food court and get a Cinnabon, go to Costco and eat some free samples! If the weather permits, put the baby in the stroller and walk around your neighborhood.

You might not feel like getting out of the house, but once you are out there you will feel much better.

Make healthier food choices

When you eat crap, you feel like crap. Making a few food swaps can help you start feeling better.

Don’t attempt a major diet overhaul. Keep it simple. Make a list of healthy snacks that you actually like and go from there.

Tyese Knight is a mommy of 2, mental health advocate, aspiring postpartum doula and blogger at Strong Mom Sad Mom. She started her blog as a way to share her story about healing from Postpartum Depression. Strong Mom Sad Mom blog is all about motivating moms with mental illness and encouraging all moms to care for themselves first. Tyese spends her time watching baking competition shows, traveling, decorating her home, hosting family gatherings and writing. This busy mom is fueled by hilarious mom memes, snacks, and green tea!

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