10 Ways To Make Your Workspace Chic & Functional

Working at home has it's perks. You can create your own schedule, work in your jammies, and you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic during your commute to and from work. But, don't get me wrong, it's not all fun and games. It's important for you to create a space that not only inspires you, but is functional enough to keep you productive as well. Keep scrolling to see how to make your work space just as chic as it is functional.

1. Desk Calendar


(photo via Weekday Carnival)

Try using a desk calendar rather than checking your phone or computer for the day's date. Find one that matches your personality and style.

2. Your Desk

15 IKEA Hacks to DIY Your Apartment Into Adulthood: Shelves become an affordable desk:


(photo via Mashable)

Choose a desk that works well with the space you have. Try making your own desk by adding a board above two cabinets( hello...storage space!).

3. Peg Board

Something Turquoise / Jen's craft room is amazing!!:

(photo via Something Turquoise)

If you're a creative, this is a perfect way for you to store your craft supplies.

4. Inspiration Board

Inside The Everygirl Cofounder's Inspiring Apartment: The Everygirl takes us inside Alaina Kaczmarski's awe-inspiring Chicago home!:

(photo via The Everygirl)

Try adding a mood board or a bulletin board for inspiration. Put up images and quotes that inspire you.

5. Comfy Chair

30 Chic Workspaces From Pinterest and Instagram | StyleCaster:

(photo via Stylecaster)

If you want to avoid back problems, get a comfortable chair that you can sit in for hours while you werk. Add a faux fur throw for added comfort and chicness.

6. Good Lighting

Fresh and feminine home office with pink accents:

(photo via My Domaine)

Opt for a space with as much natural lighting as possible. Try hanging a beautiful chandelier or find a cute lamp that provides enough lighting for you to work your best.

7. Add Shelving 

30 Designers secret tips: Wonderful Home Decoration http://engelta.hubpages.com/hub/30-Designers-secrets-Wonderful-Home-Decoration:

(photo via HubbPages)

Storage is your friend.

8. Wall File Organizer

An Organized Interior Design Office Space - A. Peltier Interiors Inc:

(photo via Peltier Interiors)

Keep your papers and mail organized with easy access.

9. Desk Organizer Tray

This is another way I can use my new "knick-knack display shelf". I like how she only painted the sides & painted the name on the front. Craft supply organization ideas with a printer tray:

(photo via No Biggie)

Keep your Post Its, paper cups, tape, rubber band, and notepads all in one place.

10. Decorate and Accessorize

The Trendy Sparrow: Working From Home: Motivational Surroundings:

(photo via Trendy Sparrow)

Personalize your office space with things that will inspire you to do your best work!

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