SoFi: The Millennial’s Bank


Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a financial institution that provided twenty-somethings with financial support that isn’t based of that lovely three digit number called your credit score? Well, I’ve got news for you. SoFi , Social Finance, is the bank of choice for millennials. The modern finance company offers its members career counseling, job placement, and money management advice with the usual loans and mortgages.

The company is more concerned about your income to expenses ratio than your credit score. And I hear that it’s going to hit Wells Fargo status in the very near future(maybe even surpass that), offering direct deposit and credit cards, and will continue to grow.

It’s perfect for the college graduate who needs to refinance their student loans, with an APR rate as low as 2.14%. There’s even an entrepreneur program that accepts 8-12 applicants every 3 months. In that program you are able to defer your student loans for 6 months so you can focus on growing your business and attend workshops and hear from executives and get advice on how to build your business.

These are only some of the few programs that SoFi offers its members. SoFi distinguishes itself as a financial institution with these perks and more:

Oh, and did I mention that SoFi can help with your love life too?(Oh yeah.) The five-year-old company matches like-minded members at singles events! Crazy, right?

Hopefully you’re pretty convinced by now that SoFi, is definitely the bank of the future, and makes millennial life so much easier.



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