Nordstrom Converts Any Bra Into A Nursing Bra For A $10 Fee

Attention all breastfeeding mamas! We’ve got some pretty amazing news that we just found out…Nordstrom will convert any bra into a nursing bra for a $10 fee.

Yes boo, even your bombshells from Victoria’s Secret don’t have to hide in the dark anymore. A mother does not even have to have purchased the bra from Nordstrom. This simple service can help new mothers transition to the breastfeeding relationship in comfort and style, wearing their favorite bras.


Part of a successful nursing relationship is feeling comfortable feeding a baby in many locations, and having clothes, including nursing bras, that fit, feel good and make nursing easier and more comfortable is a key factor.  Make sure you confirm with your local Nordstrom before showing up with 90% of your bra drawer in your hands, kay?

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