10 Tips for an Insanely Effective Wardrobe Detox

A lot of us struggle with the daily I have nothing to wear dilemma, due to:

  • lack of basic wardrobe essentials
  • lack of clothes we actually like 
  • pieces taking up space in our wardrobe that we don't even wear anymore

The list goes on. I've got 10 tips that will help make detoxing your wardrobe a bit of an easier process for you.

Goal size of closet. I wish I could read article???I think she suggests try to sell items you don't love and if not sold in 3 months, out they go!:

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  1. It's really stained: Deodarant stains, oil stains----whatever. Get rid of it.
  2. It smells old/odd: If it smells, most likely you haven't worn it in a long time (and you don't plan to) or it's time with you is up and it's time to go in the trash.
  3. It's damaged beyond repair: Things like a broken zipper, run down sole, or an ill-fitting piece ---most of the time---can easily be repaired or tailored. But, you'll know when you see or try something on when it's time to just say goodbye.
  4. You wouldn't buy it right this second: When you pick out an outfit for yourself, you're really shopping from your closet. So if there's a piece in your closet that you wouldn't dare to purchase if you were shopping right now, then kiss that baby goodbye!
  5. It doesn't fit: If you're a size 12 trying to fit in a size 8 dress, just stop. Forget sizes and numbers honey! Go with what works for you. If you have that little black dress that you've been saving for "that day" and you know damn well you can't fit into it, give it away, and leave it alone. 
  6. It doesn't convey the message you want it to: If it doesn't feel right to you, let it go. It's okay to outgrow pieces in your wardrobe. 
  7. You equate it with bad memories: Maybe you wore a certain top when you got in a really bad accident, and just looking at it bring back memories. Let that go, too. Style and fashion is suppose to be fun, not depressing.
  8. It's simply not trendy anymore: You know that rouched baby doll tube top with the crazy print that was cool in like 2004 you have in your closet? Yeah, get rid of it....now. 
  9. You keep trying it on, but you never actually wear it: I have been a victim to this unfortunately. There's this one piece I'm always like well I can wear it with this or that, but I never EVER wear it. It's a waste of space.
  10. It's stretched out or shapeless: It happens, you'll get over it.


You'll find that once you eliminate pieces in your closet that just don't work for you anymore or has ran it's course... it's makes getting dressed a breeze. 

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