The Sunday Routine for Your Best Week

Sunday is a great day to chill out, relax, and recharge for a new week. Set yourself up for peace, productivity, and balance for the new week with these timeless tips

Create a to-do list and a goal list.

Create two separate lists for the things you absolutely need to get done for the week and things that you want to accomplish this week. For example, a to-do for the week could be that you need to go grocery shopping before Wednesday, and a goal could be to post on social media for your business four times this week.


Do something for yourself

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Take a bubble bath, go get your nails done, treat yourself to brunch —do you boo! You’d want to do something for yourself that will make you wake up Monday morning feeling like you can conquer the world not like the world has conquered you.



Clean out your purse.

If you’re like most women and carry their whole entire life in their purse then clean that thing out in the beginning of the week. Don’t keep those bobby pins, gum wrappers, and balled up receipts in your bag. Empty out the unnecessary stuff and organize it so you’re set and you don’t end up fumbling for the things that really matter.


Check the weather forecast and plan your outfits for the week.

Pull up your weather app and plan your outfits for the week. Don’t want to be caught in the rain in the wrong outfit!


Meal prep.

Take the time out to make snacks and prep meals for the week that way if you get off work later than usual and don’t have the energy to make dinner (and don’t want to spend money on food either) you’ll be prepared!



Write down all of the thoughts cluttering your mind so you can start the week off with a clear mind.


Go to bed early.

Make sure you get enough rest so you can start your morning off like a boss!


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