Workouts for the Lazy Girl

This is for the girl who has these type of body goals ...

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And in this type of mood ...

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One minute you get super motivated to hit the gym or go run for a couple miles when you see that girl you follow who's always working out on Instagram. But, then when the time comes, we're tired, we don't feel like, or maybe we just don't have enough time. Girl, don't worry. You are not alone. I too fall in this pathetic category, but if you're willing to change this...I am too.

"For inactive people, doing any kind of activity will benefit their health. The American Heart Association recommends that inactive people gradually work up to exercising three to four times a week for 30-60 minutes at 50%-80 % of their maximal heart rate (" Too many of us are couch potatoes. As for me, I'm either running after my 15-month-old, cleaning and straightening up, or sitting behind my laptop working all day. I'm usually way too tired in the morning (even after my cup of coffee) to get a workout in and I get way to caught up in my day to even consider getting a workout in. I'm just a really unhealthy person. But, I want and need to change that. Not only for my health, but to be an example for my baby boy too.

As I begin my fitness journey, I've found a few workouts for the girls, like me, who just don't feel like it.

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